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🐾 Meet Noah: The Energetic Cattle Dog Seeking an Experienced Home🐾

Are you ready for a challenge? Noah, our spirited 3-year-old Cattle Dog, is in search of a special owner who can provide him with the structured environment he needs to thrive. If you’re an experienced dog handler with a secure, fenced-in yard and no other animals or children, Noah might be the perfect addition to your family.

**About Noah**
Noah is a stunning Cattle Dog with a striking coat and a heart full of energy. At just 3 years old, he’s in the prime of his life and is eager to explore the world around him. With his sharp intelligence and strong herding instincts, Noah is a quick learner and will excel in the right environment.

**Why Noah Needs an Experienced Owner:**
Cattle Dogs are known for their intelligence and energy, and Noah is no exception. He thrives on mental and physical stimulation and is looking for an owner who can channel his energy in a positive way. An experienced owner will understand the importance of consistent training and exercise, which are essential for Noah’s well-being.

**Noah’s Ideal Home:**
– **Fenced-in Yard:** Noah needs a secure, fenced-in yard where he can run and play safely. A tall fence is essential, as Cattle Dogs are known for their agility and jumping ability.
– **No Other Animals:** Noah is best suited as the only pet in the household at first. His strong herding instincts may not mix well with other animals.
– **No Children:** Due to his energy level and need for structure, Noah is not recommended for households with children. He can become overwhelmed easily in chaotic environments.

**Noah’s Personality:**
– **Loyal:** Noah forms strong bonds with his owner and will be a loyal companion.
– **Energetic:** He’s always ready for an adventure, whether it’s a long hike or a game of fetch.
– **Intelligent:** Noah loves to learn and solve puzzles. Training sessions will be a joy for both of you.
– **Playful:** Despite his intensity, Noah has a playful side and enjoys a good game of tug-of-war or fetch.

**Adoption Requirements:**
– **Experience:** Noah requires an owner with experience handling high-energy breeds, especially Cattle Dogs.
– **Commitment:** Be prepared to commit time and effort to his training and exercise needs.
– **Patience:** Noah can be strong-willed, so patience and consistency are key.
– **Secure Yard:** A safe and secure yard is non-negotiable for his well-being.

If you believe you have the experience, dedication, and environment that Noah needs, we invite you to consider adopting him. This special Cattle Dog has the potential to be an incredibly rewarding companion for the right person.

πŸ“ž If interested in Noah, there is a $200 rehoming fee, 100% will go to an animal shelter in need. Please fill out our application, in full, for more information,πŸ“ž

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