The #1  problem in the pet adoption industry...

You and your family decided that it was the right time to bring a new companion into your home. Problem is that you didn’t expect it would be so hard to find that perfect pet. You didn’t realize how many shelters and rescues there were out there and all the different applications you would have to submit to get into the running for a particular animal. Aren’t there millions of homeless dogs and cats waiting for homes?

...and the search feels endless...

You’re searching constantly on all the pet engines and asking friends and family if they know of any good places to look. You finally found the most amazing animal that you know will be the perfect fit for your family only to find out that they already got adopted. You spend every weekend dragging the whole family to multiple shelters, battling long lines, and finding out that 10 other people want the same pet. Your heart gets broken a little bit every time you walk in a shelter and feel the search is hopeless.

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